UK Games Expo 2017 – Bigger and Better than Ever!

We had such a great time at last year’s UK Games Expo at the Birmingham NEC that when we got home we booked our hotel for this year straight away! It’s just over 6 weeks until the expo and we are starting to get excited!

This year’s expo takes place from 11am on Friday June 2nd until 4pm on Sunday June 4th 2017 at the Birmingham NEC and Hilton Metropole.

For those who don’t know, the UK Games Expo is the biggest UK boardgaming convention by far – and it looks to be the 4th largest in the world! There is a massive trade hall packed with exhibitors, traders, publishers, designers, and more as well as lots of open gaming, board games library and a variety of entertainment events and activities.

  • Tournaments and Championships in the most popular game systems
  • Newest games and releases on show AND PLAYABLE
  • Large trade fair
  • Family Zone – lots for the kids to do
  • Authors and artists
  • Participation and Demonstration Games – No need to know the rules or book in advance -JUST WALK UP AND ASK TO JOIN IN!
  • Costumed Groups
  • Guests
  • Seminars and Talks
  • Space for Open Gaming and Roleplaying Games
  • Game Ambassadors in blue shirts – if you are new, on your own or just lost ask them and they will help.

That list really doesn’t give the full picture – you should check out the UK Games Expo Website

This year we are taking in a couple of shows/activities (these can be booked on the website). First, The Dark Room – a comedy show where the host and audience are playing an old style (80’s) adventure game and trying to escape the dark room – I’ve watched this on YouTube and it looks hilarious. Note though, that the show is basically the same format each time (but with obviously different audience members participating), so if you may want to bear in mind that if you go look it up on YouTube you may spoil it for yourself.

Secondly we have also booked to try out the Starship Bridge Simulator – which does what it says on the tin 😉 An hour in a simulated bridge where participants take on the role of Captain, Navigator, Tactical, Science, etc stations and play out a scenario.

Last year wasn’t without issues though – the trade hall was crammed with many bottle-necks and confusing layout & there wasn’t enough open gaming space with tournaments using a large portion of it – but this year, instead of having most of Hall 1, the expo will now occupy the whole of Hall 1 and will be mostly comprised of nice straight ‘streets’ – And the tournaments are now all in Hall 3a instead of the Hilton – so that should make much more open gaming space available. And then in addition to that, several of the other on-site hotels have also agreed to allow gaming in their public areas!

If you see us wandering around feel free to stop us and say hello – we’ll be wearing our Board Gaming at Home shirts. Last year, our first time, we were blown away when we were recognised approaching the entrance to the expo by a lovely family who told us how much they enjoyed our videos! We don’t bite (hard) 😉


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