Ore-Some Preview

We would have loved to have made a video playthrough of this beautifully designed game, but due to Kelly’s pregnancy we’re unable to lift/move our gaming table at the moment, so here we go with a written piece…

Ore-some is a family game coming to Kickstarter soon, that has you building a network of tracks through a mine and then navigating your minecart along the tracks trying to acquire the right types of ore to fulfill contracts and earn money!

After setup, gameplay is straight forward with 2 phases of the game. The first phase sees you moving your cart x number of spaces (determined by dice, but sometimes manipulated by card play). And then comes the dig phase where you can dig for ore (pulling 2 cubes from a bag and hoping you get the types you want (copper, silver, gold)) after which, if you are close enough to an ‘agent’ you can fulfill a contract if you have the right amount and type of ore. The game is played over 6 (or 8) rounds and the person with the most gold and value in contracts is the winner.

Any ore that you dig goes into your mine cart, it hold 4 cubes safely, but any more than that and you’re stacking up on top and if any fall when you move, they stay fallen and can be picked up later by you or your opponents.

The highlight of this game for us was the cards. There are 3 types of cards – a ‘move’ card that you play during the move phase, a ‘dig’ card and ‘surprise’ cards which can be played almost anytime. The illustrations on the cards are great, but it’s the names and flavour text on the cards that we really loved, great plays on words and fun actions. One card that I particularly remember is the ‘Bank Signal’ with the flavour text ‘Dananana Bankman!’. Other cards have you stealing ore from other players (or protecting yourself from that by getting a cute little plastic dog to sit in your card) or dropping wooden beams to block your opponents carts from moving along certain tracks.

It was a prototype copy that we received to play, but you wouldn’t know it to look at it! The tiles and cards were all professionally produced and the minecarts were 3D printed by the designer/publisher and they are fantastic! If the final version is any where close to this then you need not worry about the quality of components in this game.

If I have one criticism it’s that it feels like it should be a quick, fun game – but at times it felt to drag a little with the movement and dig phases being separated. However, we did only get to play one game (as we were busy with other commitments) so it may just be down to learning the game and options and would like get smoother after multiple plays.

If you’re looking for a family game that is well produced, easy to play and fun then be sure to check it out when it arrives on Kickstarter  on the 14th February (I will update this post with the link once it’s launched)

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  1. Great read, I think I might get this to play with my little cousins I think they would love it 😀 How long do you think it would take to explain to 10 year olds with a 30 second attention span?

    • Aeggil says:

      I should think you can explain the basics in a couple of minutes….when I teach a game I normally give just the bare minimum to get started and then add/introduce rules as we go and thy come up…..our first game is always a ‘learning game’ and the result doesn’t matter 😉

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