Eldritch Horror & Expansions Part 1

Eldritch Horror B.F. (Before Foamcore)

Eldritch Horror B.F. (Before Foamcore)

So far I am loving Elritch Horror, but it’s a bit of a pain to setup with so many decks of cards to extract from baggies and divide and find places for on the table. I also sleeved all of the cards in this game at the weekend and found that the spell, equipment and condition decks were so tall for their small size, that the slippery sleeves made them very prone to fall over and slide everywhere, so I decided to attempt a foam core insert for this beast that would also double as card holders for stability and fast setup.


Eldritch Horror Top View

The view of the box with the board on top (Two sides of the foamcore are lower to make room for the board to sit flush)

I have the Forsaken Lore and Strange Remnants small box expansions and I fully expect to get Mountains of Madness and the upcoming Under the Pyramids big box expansions too, so I had to bear in mind that if I was not careful I’d have to make another insert to replace this one when I do get them.


Eldritch Horror Box Contents

With the board removed you can see (almost) all of the decks, ready to go.

I’ll tell you now that with the extra space that the foam core takes up, and the mini toolbox/plano style box I have my tokens in, there is not enough room in the core box for everything. Therefore, I decided that I’d turn my core box into my card box, and I’ve designed all of the card spaces with spare space for the cards from future expansions. When I get a big box expansion, I will make a new insert for that box to hold all of the tokens and other pieces. For now, I am keeping my mini toolbox for tokens and the monster bag, investigators, monster sheets and clue pot are living in the small expansion boxes.


Eldritch Horror Insert Removed

Just lift out all of the trays and put them on the table and you’re good to go! The unused Old One Decks remain in the box.

I normally use black foam core board (for around £11.99 for 10 x A3 5mm thick sheets delivered from Amazon) but funds are tight at the moment and I spotted some white board for £6.99 so I tried that this time. It seems easier to get a clean cut with no snags, but other than that it’s not so good, next time I’ll stick to the black stuff. For a start, the white stuff gets grubby soooo quickly….just look at it and it gets dirty I swear! And secondly, this batch that I have, seems to have a slight curve in it, or has warped and it gave me many problems during construction….measurements didn’t fit because of it and I had to trim pieces after assembly…a major headache and has left some scruffy edges 🙁

I don’t have measurements or plans to give out, I just had an idea in my head from browsing other inserts online and made it up as I went. I’m sure you could work it out yourself from the photos, it’s not a mega complicated build.

[amazon asin=1616617667&template=iframe image1][amazon asin=1616618086&template=iframe image1][amazon asin=163344127X&template=iframe image1]I don’t know when I will be able to get a big box expansion, but when I do, I will certainly build the second part of my insert and post the photos here. 🙂

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