About Us

Welcome to BoardGamingAtHome, a website all about the amazing world of Board Gaming as a hobby!

Our Family

A rare, nice, group photo of all four of us together. (I don’t often let my photograph be taken, I hate it!)

I am Russ, I’m 40-something, from the UK and I LOVE board games. Since discovering the world of ‘hobby’ board games I can’t play enough and my family can’t keep up, so I decided that when I can’t play, I’ll write and talk about them! I’m also now a contributor at Dice Tower News

We are a family of 2 adults (Russ & Kelly) and 2 young children (Mia, aged 5 and Ty, aged 9) on a tight budget and without a gaming group so most of our content will be centred around this theme.

We’ll be talking about family games, heavier games that kids can still enjoy, games that are good for just two adults and solo gaming as well. (As I seem to have a much bigger appetite for gaming than the rest of my family!)

Due to being on a tight budget, we don’t own many games, and a game has to be REALLY good to stay in our collection. Games that aren’t a big hit are traded on to help fund our next purchase. For this reason I have quite a large number of reviews to give considering that we only discovered hobby board games at the beginning of 2015.

Also because of our tight budget, we’ve also been dipping our toes into the Print & Play side of things, with mixed results and I’ll be writing about my experiences and lessons I have learned so far.

And finally I will also be talking about building foam-core inserts for games. I am not generally very crafty (which drives me nuts as the Mrs is very crafty), but even I am able to build quite impressive box inserts that are functional, attractive and certainly help a great deal in reducing set-up and break-down time.

No doubt there will be other areas of the hobby that I will also write about, but the points above are my main focus. I hope that you enjoy reading our website, and I welcome discussion and comments – even if you disagree, just keep it civil please 🙂